As the seasons change, so do we. Spring drives us to cleaning out our closets, summer sends us running to the gym, in autumn we start trying out soup recipes, and when winter comes, we like to start nesting and getting cosy.

When it comes to cosying up a home, colour plays a major role. You would be surprised at the effect that a fresh coat of paint can have, not just on the look of a room, but also on the mood of those who get to enjoy it.

If you are contemplating a winter makeover, here are some winter paint colours to get those creative juices flowing.

Purple is always a popular winter paint colour.

Purple room, with bed and a vase with a broken off tree branch


Room painted light purple, with a bed and a mirror and some photographs behind the bed on the wall.


Blue has been the go-to winter paint choice for years.

Room painted blue with a bed and a bedside table.


Dinning room painted blue with a dinning table with a few chairs and a mirror on the wall, you can also see outside the house through the open door.


Leafy colours have a relaxing effect.

Room painted in differnt colours green. The door is painted a lighter green where the wall are more an earthy green.


Greys are always elegant and stylish, no matter what season it is.

Room with mostly white wall, there are dark grey walls to accent the white walls. The fireplace is also grey.