1. Wood-burning fireplaces

There are a host of different types of traditional wood burning fireplaces available, and as the name states, these fireplaces use wood as the primary source of combustion and heat.

• Open-hearth fireplaces

Made of stone or brick, open-hearth fireplaces require a bit of construction for the opening in the home, as well as for the chimney that allows for venting.

• Enclosed fireplaces

Enclosed fireplaces are quite similar to open-hearth fireplaces, but retain heat better, thanks to a glass panel that prevents the escape of heat through the chimney

• Wood burning stoves

Although they aren’t fireplaces in the strictest sense of the word, wood burning stoves fulfil the same purpose and require less construction. You will need to install a pipe to vent the smoke outside, but the process is less laborious. Scour antique shops for old stoves that can be repurposed to give your home an inviting, old-timey atmosphere.

2. Gas-burning fireplaces

• Ventless built-in fireplaces

These fireplaces do not require the construction or use of a chimney or other type of vent, but you will have to take care when installing and using it to prevent the spread of contaminants in the home.

• Direct-vented built-in fireplaces

Direct-vented built-in fireplaces require a chimney or pipe to vent fumes outside the house. Gas is still the primary fuel for this type of fireplace, although the yellow flame it produces is reminiscent of a wood-burning fireplace.

3. Electric fireplaces

The most cost-effective option, and also the easiest to install, electric fireplaces don’t burn anything to create heat.

• Mantel electric fireplaces

These heating systems mimic the atmosphere and heat of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, without actually having to install vents or chimneys. With a well-designed electric fireplace, it may seem like you have a fire burning, and you have unmatched control of how much heat you want. In warmer weather, there is even the option to turn off the heat entirely, while still maintaining the ambience of an actual fireplace.

4. Ethanol-burning fireplaces

This is the most environmentally friendly option as far as fireplaces go. In addition, ethanol-burning fireplaces are clean, odourless, and require minimal installation.

An existing fireplace can be converted into an ethanol-burning fireplace, and there are also wall-mounted and table top options available, which makes these fireplaces the most versatile of all.

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