With online tutorials, every Tom Dick and Harry considers themselves a bit of a handyman nowadays.

While smaller repairs and DIY projects are on a level that the average Joe can attempt, there are others than no homeowner should ever try and do on their own.

Plumbing projects

Attempting any kind of plumbing job by yourself often leads to costly repairs after the fact. If you’re thinking of adding a bathroom, rather ask a trained and experienced plumber to assist, as water damage and damp can lead to numerous additional problems that are expensive to repair.

Redoing the kitchen

The kitchen is another room in the home where things are a little more difficult. Complicated plumbing and electrical set-ups require an experienced hand, and even something as simple as installing kitchen cabinets can go awry when you haven’t done it before. Mismanaged space, sloped counters and wiring that keeps tripping the entire electrical system are just a few issues associated with botched DIY kitchen makeovers.

Tile work

You’ve probably come across a home where the tiles weren’t laid properly. It seems like the simplest thing in the world – it’s just lining up a few squares, after all – but if tiling was a job that anyone could do, tilers wouldn’t have any work.

Flooring and carpeting

Just like tiles, floors and carpets require the expertise of a professional, and the job-specific tools that a professional uses. If you don’t own or haven’t used the tools required for installing floors and carpets, rather don’t attempt this as a DIY project.

Building an outdoor deck

If the thought of a raised platform that will be the scene of many a big get-togethers collapsing during one of said gatherings doesn’t scare you off of attempting this yourself, consider the following things. As decks are additions to the home, they’ll need to be approved before being built. Failure to do so could mean having to remove it later. In addition, a slightly sloped deck could lead to water collection and leaks, and accidentally splashing deck stain onto other parts of the home like walls and windows could damage the exterior of a home.

Roof repairs

Roofs are some of the most expensive parts of the home to repair, which is why potential homebuyers thoroughly inspect them for any damage. If you’re thinking you could save a buck or two by repairing the roof yourself, please think again. Fixing leaks or the roof’s foundation requires very skilled experts, and botching this can cost you very dearly down the line.

If you need help with any of these projects or repairs, give Old School Handyman a call. We are qualified and experienced to not botch projects and to add real value to your home.