You’ve wanted a man cave forever, but your spouse has flatly refused to allow you to convert the spare bedroom. Now, we hate to tell you, but she may be right: foregoing an extra room to convert a space into a room that has a bar and sound system in it won’t necessarily add significant value to your home when you decide to sell.

However, there are a few other additions and renovations that will boost your home’s value more than you might think.

1. Remodelled bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that instantly add to or decrease the value of a house. Replacing the tub, shower and toilet in the bathroom and giving the entire space a fresh coat of paint is said to yield a more than 100% return on investment. If your bathroom is dated and in need of TLC, you’ll find that the solace of having a whisky in a luxurious tub easily compares to having a whisky in a man cave, anyway.

2. Remodelled kitchens

A kitchen is the other room that can make or break a sale. Simply replacing worn out countertops and cabinets already makes a world of difference. Add a fresh lick of paint to the mix, and this renovation can easily yield a return that is close to 100 percent of the renovation cost, while adding value to your home as well.

3. Adding a deck or patio

It’s not a man cave per se, but having a comfortable outside area to braai and socialise is worth the cost of adding a patio or deck. When you consider that this addition could potentially yield a 90 percent return, that makes the wine around the fire taste a little sweeter, too.

4. Adding a study

If you decide to turn the extra room you’ve eyed for your man cave into a study or home office, it could potentially yield a return of more than 70 percent when you decide to sell.

5. Turning your house into a green home

Escalating electricity costs are seeing many people go off the grid. Installing solar panels does have a high initial cost, but saving on your electricity bill makes up for that in the long run, and potential homebuyers will be thrilled about the prospect as well.

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