While there are definitely a lot of design trends from the past that we’d rather never see again – ever – there are just as many that we wish would become popular again. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but we think back fondly on some décor and interior design fads that were, sadly, just fads.

Luckily, a few vintage design trends are well on their way to becoming popular again, and we couldn’t be happier. Check them out, and keep them in mind when you’re looking to renovate your home with something old.

1. Gold, brass and copper metallic accents

Metallic accents that are not chrome, nickel or stainless steel are coming back in a big way. Use it for bathroom fixtures or accent pieces around the home to add a warm, vintage touch.


2. Dramatic ceilings

If you’ve ever seen a house with pressed ceilings and immediately fell in love with the entire home thanks to them, you’ll understand why this trend is making a comeback.


3. Floral patterns

This certainly isn’t the Biggie Best that you became acquainted with in your grandmother’s house, but floral patterns are coming back in a big way. In their modern incarnation, florals add a bit of fun to any room.


4. Patterned wallpaper

Again, this is not the wallpaper your gran had on her walls. The designs are edgy and modern, but bring a unique touch that is unmatched by the neutral wall colours we have gotten used to of late.


5. Chequered floors

Most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, chequered floor tiles are vintage, yet hypermodern. The simple black-and-white pattern ties in with almost any decorating scheme, and this makes these floors versatile enough to suit almost any room.