Tiles are still a very popular and practical option for flooring in the home, but old-fashioned colour schemes and designs are definitely on their way out.

You’d be amazed at the variety of tiles that are available today. If you are planning to retile your floors any time soon, consider some of these contemporary tile designs that are proving popular in 2018.

Wood-look tile flooring

This trend is predicted to stay popular for quite a while. Wood-look tiles mimic the look of natural wood with the added durability of ceramic tiles, and without the hassle of maintenance that comes with actual wood flooring.


Marble-look tile flooring

Marble-look tiles are the cheaper, more accessible and durable, and less porous alternative to actual marble. Modern marble-look tiles can easily be mistaken for the real thing, and immediately gives your home a refined and elegant look.


Natural stone looks

As popular as ever, tiles that mimic natural stone are here to stay. Limestone, travertine, slate and marble are just some on the types of stone that are available in ceramic tile varieties.


Metallic tile flooring

This is certainly a very modern design option, but metallic tile flooring is gaining ground as a design option that is bold and daring.


Large tile planks

Opting for tiles that are longer and wider often create the illusion of a more spacious room, which is why large tile planks are increasing in popularity. Manufacturers are abiding to the trend, and there are a variety of larger tile planks on the market today.