When DIY projects go awry, the results are sometimes shocking and often hilarious. While there are certainly some projects that the average Joe can attempt to do himself, there are a great many that are better left to the experts.

Here are a few of those.

1. They should have called someone to iron out the kinks in this stove’s repair.

Someone cooking meat on an iron


2. This doesn’t seem entirely safe.

Shower head connected electric cable to heat the weater


3. Put on your beer goggles and cool down in this shower.

Beer can used as a shower head


4. This is why a measuring tape is an essential part of any toolbox.

Bathroom layour wrong so the door had to be cut open to be able to open and close.


5. Use this loo at your own peril.

Chair place over the toilet with the toilet seat on top of the chair.


6. These drawers aren’t exactly practical.

New wall built to far into the kitchen, kitchen drawers cannot open.


7. Well, it works, doesn’t it?

Handle from drawer missing, person made a handle from a few paperclips.


8. Perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing solution to this person’s shelving problem.

Someone used a shopping cart as a kitchen storage area, hung up on the wall


9. Who says you need to do things by the book?

Someone used a stack of books to prevent the building structure to collapse.


10. Check out these DIY fails that were caught on tape

The bottom line is this: if you don’t have the right tools or expertise for the job, rather call a professional.

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