Looking to give your home a face-lift? While there are certainly tasks that are better left to the professionals, there are avenues to help you complete smaller tasks around the home with step-by-step DIY tutorials.

These five apps are innovative and easy to use, and will make smaller projects around the home a breeze.

1. wikiHow

wikiHow is the internet’s definitive archive of renovation, how-to and DIY tips. Finding what you’re looking for is as easy as searching for it, and the app is easy to use, and quite immersive to boot. Download wikiHow for Android and iOS.

2. SnapGuide

Made for experts and hobbyists alike, SnapGuide has a range of crowd-sourced and tried-and-tested DIY projects, which include everything from automotive, gardening and arts and crafts tips. You can even add your own how-to guide to the platform and get feedback from users who tried it. SnapGuide is available for iOS.

3. BrightNest

“BrightNest’s mission is to make homeowners happy”, states a big banner on their website, and it’s easy to see why. From reminding you about regular maintenance for appliances that require it, to cleaning hacks, lifehacks, DIY projects and the unexpected uses of everyday household items, this app has it all. Brightnest can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

4. Houzz

Over 16 million photos provide DIY and renovation inspiration, and the Houzz app’s interior design guide is made up of a large archive of photographs, articles and discussions. Use the filter function and let Houzz make recommendations according to your taste. If you don’t find inspiration here, we’re not sure where you will. Download the Houzz app for iOS and Android.

5. TapPainter

Paint is expensive, and painting an entire room just to find that the colour does not match the swatch, or doesn’t look like you thought it would, is an expensive mistake that will have you paying all over again. However, paint mishaps are a thing of the past with TapPainter. The app helps you to choose the perfect paint colour for any room by uploading a picture of the room in question, and choosing from complete colour decks by famous paint brands.

Specially-designed algorithms take the wall edges, lighting distribution and shadows into account, giving you a realistic, true-to-life and colour-accurate idea of what a particular wall will look like once it has been painted a particular colour. Download it on iOS.